14 Things make me love Bogota

Now a days Colombia increasingly appears in the lists of Latin American countries, interesting for the travelers. But its capital, Bogota, often remains behind the scenes or is rewarded with one-day attention due to convenient flight connection.

To be honest, Bogota did not attract me, until I’ve got an unexpected opportunity to know it better, having spent there for almost a week.

This week completely changed my inference about the city.Chapinero, Bogota, Colombia

If you are planning to visit Bogotá, here you will find the reasons why you will probably like the city.

14 Things make me love Bogota:

  1. Great weather

I seriously enjoy the weather in Bogotá. This may seem strange, because a lot of people complain about the weather as it often rains and the sky is cloudy. But when the sun appears, the city sparkles and is saturated with bright colors. It’s fresh here, you can sleep with an open windows and breath the cool evening air.

And this is exactly what I love. It is a city of eternal spring, as Bogotá called. And I absolutely agree with this.

The locals joke that you can feel all four seasons during the day: the freshness of early spring in the mornings, the summer heat in the daytime and the rain and piercing cold of late autumn in the evenings. Isn’t it attractive?View to Bogota

January is the best time to visit Bogota. The sky is blue, mountains are green and the weather is warm.

2. Beautiful green mountains

Wherever I am in Bogota, I always see the beautiful green mountains. They look so stunning and picturesque like a frame of the city. On the east side the mountains climb up very high and meet the floating grey clouds. Bogotá is nestled in an Andean plateau more than 2,600m high in the Eastern Cordilla and you can easily feel this in the air.

Despite the fact that the walking on the mountain forest paths is highly discouraged for the security reasons, it’s still wonderful to have such a picturesque landscape above the busy city.View to the Monserrate mountain

3. Amazing architecture experience

Bogota is a city of an outstanding architecture. Colonial buildings preserved in a very good condition, so I could really enjoy their quite interesting styles and spirit of the past.

Street in Chapinero, Bogota,
Street in Chapinero, Bogota
Plaza de Bolivar, Colombia
Plaza de Bolivar, Colombia

Bogota is a city of unique architecture among Latin American countries, remains me for its fondness for red brick and magnificent buildings designed by architects who perfectly mingled their modernism with the colonial beauty.

4. Exploring the historical district La Candelaria

I feel completely in love with the architecture of the old houses and churches in La Candelaria, which has a Spanish Colonial, Art Deco and Baroque styles. It is the 17th century district of Bogotá. And I enjoy to walk through the picturesque streets.

It is the oldest district of the city, birthplace of Bogotá. There are many museums, libraries and restaurants located in the area, each with unique architecture and history.

Almost every building has a grandiose door, cute wooden balconies that look out onto the busy streets, and the walls are painted in a bright colors.

Picturesque street in La Candelaria, Bogota
La Candelaria, historical district, Bogota
One gorgeous door at the street in La Candelaria, Bogota
One gorgeous door at the street in La Candelaria
Easter Sunday in Bogota, Colombia
Easter Sunday in Bogota, Colombia

5. Spending a time in a museums, bookstores or library

If you are in love with museums, you will definitely like Bogotá. Also you can usefully spend a rainy day in the museum.

Botero Museum
Botero Museum

I like spectacular Gold Museum (Museo de Oro) with the world’s largest collection of gold artifacts that tell the story of pre-Colombian life and Botero Museum (Museo Botero) — one of the most entertaining art museums with the works of famous Colombian figurative artist and sculptor, Fernando Botero.

Colombia is chock-a-block with bookstores, libraries and universities. Its nickname is the Athens of South America. Reading is prized here, and journalists — the well-known ones.

6. Cathedral de Primada and Plaza de Bolivar

The main highlight in La Candelaria is the Bolivar Square and The Cathedral of Bogotá in front of it.

Cathedral de Primada, Bogota
Cathedral of Bogota and Plaza de Bolivar, Colombia

Isn’t is just a gorgeous view of the Cathedral? I truly delight with the architecture and an atmosphere of this old church.

Touristic red tram in La Candelaria
Red tram in La Candelaria

Touristic Red Tram which I used to see in La Candelaria. This vehicle run in Colombia in the early 20th Century. What a pleasure to experience a wonderful journey through the history.

7. Staying in the heart of Chapinero

We lived in Chapinero — one of the oldest and richest parts of the city.


Chapinero, Bogota

Chapinero is a fascinating, sprawling central neighborhood. The architecture of this area is simply amazing. Majestic old Victorian houses built with brown bricks entwined with ivy.

What is surprised me here is the funny fact that most of the locals are walking with the dogs. The breeds of the dogs are so diverse that you involuntarily start to think that there is a dog’s exhibition somewhere here in the area. It could be assumed that its popular for the protection … untill you see the happy owner with the five Spitz.

Another feature of Chapinero is giant trees with the huge trunk and mighty crowns.

Street in Chapinero, Bogota
Street in Chapinero, Bogota

In general, Bogotá is a very green city.

8. Enjoying the taste of the food in the restaurants and bakery in Zona G (for gastronomy)

Zona G is the most upscale neighborhood of Bogotá full of great restaurants and cafe that worth to be tasted and enjoyed.


Philippe Patissier
Philippe Patissier

I was extremely enjoy the starting my day in one of plenty cozy bakery, for example Philippe Patissier

The modern and traditional decoration of each restaurant makes this area as a cozy wonderful place for lunch and dinner. Some of the restaurants has a terrace over the street, fireplace and covered courtyards to make this place looks beautiful.

9. An outstanding view of Bogotá from the Monserrate mountain

It is definitely worth to visit Mount Monserrate (at about 10,000 feet above sea level) for the prime view of the city. You can hike to the top of the mountain (it will take approximately 2 hours) or use a cable car or funicular which are offering a pretty scenery trip.

There is Church of «The Fallen Lord» at the top of Monserrate

Amazing view of Bogota from Mount Monserrate
Amazing view of Bogota from Mount Monserrate
Funicular to the Mount Monserrate
Funicular to the Mount Monserrate
At the top of Monserrate
At the top of Monserrate

12. Graffiti tour

Bogotá is a mecca for Graffiti artists. I’m deeply impressed of an incredible graffiti in the city. Many work are performed of the famous artists.

Street Art of Bogota
Street Art of Bogota

I highly recommend to join an authentic graffiti and street art tour which is run and guided by artists and people involve in Bogotá urban scenes.

13. Visiting a local market Paloquemao

Paloquemao Market
Paloquemao Market

It was quite interesting idea to visit local market Paloquemao and discover a plenty varies of fruits and vegetables as six varieties of Colombian potatoes including papa pastusa, sabanera and crioll which is needed to cook the traditional Bogotanian soup Ajiaco. Strolling around Paloquemao is a great way to get to know the history and culture of Bogotá.

14. Ciclovia — great Sunday’s tradition

I’ve impressed with a cool tradition on Sundays, when over then 120 kilometers of the main roads are closed to traffic until 2pm to allow walkers, cyclists, skaters, skateboarders and runners the freedom of the roads. This program of open roads called Ciclovia.

Bogotá has one of the largest bike paths system in the world. For those looking to explore the city while biking, Bogotá offers a variety of biking tours which include admiring the memorable architecture of the city, street art and graffiti and viewpoints.

Change is coming rapidly in Bogotá.

The ideas about drug lords and gangsters become obsolete with time. Today, Bogotá exudes positive energy and vitality. It is ready to surprise travelers with colonial architecture, respectable areas, to conquer its cuisine and unsurpassed restaurants, to delight in colorful graffiti on the walls, which, it seems, are about to become alive.


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